What is there to know about Turnstiles?

Turnstiles aren’t oftentimes a subject of conversation and while we agree that there isn’t a lot of happiness found in such a talk, for many people they provide the perfect support and privacy when it is most needed. Here are a few facts about the turnstiles that might be of interest to you. Are you ready to learn?

Portable Power to Go

If you don’t need a turnstile permanently, did you know that portable turnstiles are available? These turnstiles are easy to install and remove and take with you elsewhere and the price isn’t so bad, either. You can rent them or you can purchase them to keep as your own and enjoy an array of benefits along the way.

The Many Names of Turnstiles

You will hear turnstiles called by many different names and that’s just the way that it is. Some people call them high wheels and others call them baffle gates. And there are other names, too.

The First Time We Met

The very first turnstiles were used in 1916 inside of a Piggly Wiggly store. While people had seen them before, this was the first legitimate use of the product. It was in 1958 when the turnstiles would be used for the first time in Russia.

Rent a Turnstile

Turnstiles rental is available if you don’t want to make the purchase. People have a variety of reasons for the need of a turnstile and sometimes it isn’t needed for a long period of time. You can rent a turnstile by the day or week so look into this option!

Hear it in the Music

Billy Joel released an album by the name of Turnstiles. This album was released in 1976. The cover art for the album features Joel standing in front of a New York City turnstile.

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